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Beveled Pergola Spiral Pergola
Beveled PergolaSpiral Pergola
Beveled Pergola design includes: Four Beveled Posts Four Rio Grande Corner Corbels Four Beams with Maya Carving on two sides Two Beams Mesa Carving two sides Two Beams with Mesa Carving on two sides with Pueblo endsSpiral Pergola design includes: Eight 8"x8" Spiral Posts Four Rio Grande Full Corbels Four Rio Grande Half Corbels Four Beams Plain with no carving Four Beams Plain with one side Pueblo ends Ten Roof Beams with one side Pueblo ends



We specialize in handcrafted pergolas, custom artistic gazebos, southwestern style patios, and New Mexican porches.

Our handcrafted gazebos and pergolas will give your project character while providing shade for your outdoor relaxation. You can choose from our wide variety of hand carved posts, corbels and beams to achieve a unique southwestern look. Your pergola will be a useful addition to any location.

Our rustic handcrafted products are made of 100% solid Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir. No chemicals, no treatments - just natural solid wood - like people have been using for generations.

Our handcrafted gazebos are built to last. The 6"x6", 4"x6", and 8"x8" solid wood construction is very stable and durable. If installed as suggested the handcrafted gazebo can withstand extreme weather without a problem.

Small wood beams, material, or plants can be used on the top of our pergolas and gazebos to provide the look and shade that you want.

You can add an artistic gazebo to your back yard or garden and be transported to a historic southwestern setting.